R & S Grease Removal

Grease Removal Specialist in Northampton

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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

R & S Grease Removal can help in lowering the risk of a fire at your premises. We are experts in kitchen extraction system and air duct cleaning. By working with us, you are also guarateed to meet your fire security responsibilities which are outlined under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Grease removal services can be discussed to fit your bespoke requirements, such as service hours and food preparation to avoid any contamination or disruption. Our oil removal unit and servicing process will also help to improve kitchen safety. Any grease waste removed is disposed of in a ecological manner.

Industry Standards for Air Duct Cleaning

The industry criterion for grease removal systems incorporates covers, fans, filters and ducting. This is established by The Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association (HVCA).  

  • The level of contamination that is permitted before a total clean is called for.
  • The needed post-clean measurement

Fast and Reliable Service

R & S Grease Removal covers the whole of Northamptonshire- we have over 15 year's experience in the industry. Fully insurance-compliant, we are also leading experts in the cleaning, maintenance and monitoring of air ventilation and grease extraction systems. We are full approved members of the Building & Engineering Services Association, the Heating & Ventilation Contractors Association and National Association for Air Duct Cleaners. 

We provide a total air duct cleaning services throughout Northampton. All cleaning accomplished according to the industry requirements. The industry support document issued by the B&ES Association and taken on as the ideal technique by leading Insurers.