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In every well-managed kitchen, hygiene and fire safety are of utmost priority. A kitchen extraction system is at the heart of the matter which is easily overlooked. It offers a landing area for grease, oil and various other deposits.

Canopy hoods and filters should be cleaned frequently, which can be done by the kitchen staff. But grease build up also occurs in areas you cannot see, such as the ductwork and fans. Grease trap waste are classified as a controlled waste. Specicilist departments such as the Environment Agency and Environmental Health Office would include grease build-up as part of an inspection. Any grease management systems should be serviced on a regular basis and documented. The removed grease needs to be removed by a registered provider for specialist environmental disposal.

Why do Kitchen Extract Ducts Need Cleaning?

If neglected, an extaction system becomes quickly coated with grease, fats and other residues. These are released throughout the cooking process. If not cleaned regularly, it becomes a fire hazard and the risk level increases as it builds up.

Most insurance companies will require proof that this risk is handled suitably. The extraction system should be cleaned by a specialist company which are qualified and work to meet strict regulation standards.Fire is a huge risk to any business or property owner as the consequences can be devastating. As you can imagine, the risk of a fire is substantially higher in a commercial kitchen. R & S Grease Removal can make sure that your grease extraction system is routinely maintained with a comprehensive deep clean. This ensures that the safety of your staff and customers are not compromised.Because of how important it is, you want to make sure it's done correctly- a specialist kitchen duct cleaning company is recommended. A clean extraction system also means the food is prepared in a sanitary and healthy environment.