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Commercial Kitchen Extraction And Grease Trap Cleaning

The maintenance of a grease separators and traps should be carried out regularly. Waste elimination should take place at a time which suits your business, ideally outside business hours. This ensures that the activity doesn't disrupt or contaminate food preparation and service.

If your restaurant or commercial kitchen requires Extraction fan or Grease Trap Cleaning get in contact today. Our professional team are available to provide a complete grease cleaning service.

Extraction system in a commercial kitchen taking in steam

If the odour of grease removal creates an issue for your business, give us a call at 01604 454263 to discuss your bespoke cleaning solution. Our "odourless maintenance" grease trap service may just be the perfect solution.We service all types of businesses in the industry, from restaurants to hotels and other catering premises. 

Our solution can be tailored to suit your business. A regular cleaning plan is usually recommended, from weekly for heavy use kitchens or monthly depending on your requirements. We are insurance provider certified and you can rest knowing the system is cleaned to regulation standards.

How Often Should Commercial Kitchen Ducts Be Cleaned?

The frequency of a systematic clean depends on the usage of the kitchen. The build-up of fat and grease can be a major fire hazard. If kitchen duct cleaning wasn't scheduled and carried out regularly, your business insurance could be void. It's current mandatory use a certified specialist to ensure grease is removed and the ducting cleaned.

 Light usage (in between two and 6 hours daily) must include deep clean air ducts and extraction systems every twelve months.

medium-use kitchens (made use of between 6 and twelve hours each day). Duct cleaning needs to happen every six months.

Kitchen areas that are subjected to heavy use (between twelve and sixteen hours each day)should clean their vents every three months.