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Grease Filter Supply and Installation

Commercial kitchens are prone to all kinds of problems, of which grease and oil is considered one of the priorities. Accumulated deposits not only major fire safety hazards, they can also pose as health safety risks and breach hygiene regulations, as well as slowing down production and efficiency in the kitchen. 

About Filters

Every restaurant complains about the same thing. Foods like coffee, rice, flour, and peelings clog up the drainage system in the kitchen. Food filter traps use a two-stage system to prevent such problems from occurring.

Grease filter traps are the restaurant's assurance that their kitchen will operate as smoothly as possible. In addition, R & S Grease Removal will supply a replacement filter if damage should occur. Whether you have a small cafe or a large restaurant chain, our engineers will choose the best system for your business. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about this service.

Grease Filter Cleaning

Ideally, every grease trap should be cleaned regularly by a professional specialist. We would like to assure our customers that we are fully prepared to help them meet government standard obligations concerning environmental cleaning of filters that were recently introduced.

Waste Disposal

New legislation imposes that it is mandatory to have a grease trap system in place in restaurants and catering services, along with a license concerning waste disposal. 

Our trained team of technicians will perform the installation and supply you with documentation and certification that shows your operation is following the laws concerning waste disposal.